GiftRocker and Direct Connect

GiftRocker provides Direct Connect with a unique product set to offer new and existing merchants. Using GiftRocker, shopkeepers can sell gift certificates online and using their iPhone; pre-sell events or classes; create loyalty programs; and create promotions for holidays and fundraisers. This page will help you identify, qualify and onboard customers.

Any retail shopkeeper that wants to sell gift certificates in-store or online is a potential GiftRocker customer. GiftRocker customers include: independent restaurants, restaurant groups, salons, coffee shops, tea shops, bakeries, breweries, an auto shop, wine & cheese shops, car washes and cooking schools. Feel free to use this overview when introducing GiftRocker to merchants.

Trust your instincts! If you would like a gift card from a restaurant or retail shop, they would make a great GiftRocker customer. When qualifying leads, we also look at the shopkeeper’s website and Facebook page. If they do not sell gift cards on their website or the selling process requires mailing the gift card, the shopkeeper will benefit from our online gift certificates. Likewise, if you see a restaurant selling a wine tasting or cooking classes where end customers have to call in to register, the shopkeeper will benefit from online event sales. If the shopkeeper’s Facebook page has greater than 500 likes, their digital brand is strong enough to recommend selling online. In summary, good customers are ones where:
  a) You would want a gift certificate
  b) They do not sell gift certificates online (or if the site sells a physical card)
  c) They market events or classes online but do not sell online
  d) They have a strong digital brand as indicated by Facebook likes

GiftRocker flagship offering gives small to medium sized businesses the ability to sell gift certificates online and in-store. The service makes life easy for shopkeepers and is easy on their budget. All services offered include:
  Online Gift Certificates
  Gift Cards
  Loyalty Programs
  more detail…

Digital gift certificates, gift card management and loyalty are offered as a subscription. Gift cards and other add-ons are separate. Detailed pricing..

To keep the onboarding process simple, once a customer says that they are interested in GiftRocker services, email On the email, CC the shopkeeper. GiftRocker customer support will execute the following steps delegating step 2 back to the Direct Connect account team once the contract has been signed:
  1. Customer contract
  2. Direct Connect gateway account request and establish user for GiftRocker. The user will look like where DOMAIN matches the domain of the shared customer.
  3. GiftRocker account setup and gift card creation (requires graphic design)
  4. OnRamp Process
  5. Test transaction and turn-up

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