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Digital v. Physical Gift Cards
These days everything has a digital aspect. Once you sign-up, you will be able to sell your digital gift cards online immediately. Physical cards require a design and production. We can typically get all that done and shipped within a week.

Creation of gift cards in store requires an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Gift card redemption can be performed through just about any smartphone or internet connection.

Your Brand
Your brand is very important to us here at GiftRocker. Once your account is setup, we will help make sure you are well represented to your customers using your logo, colors and message within your new online selling pages and digital assets.

Credit Card Processing
To process your online sales, GiftRocker recommends setting up a free account. Following your sign-up, you will have the opportunity to associate your Stripe account with your GiftRocker account.

You will be placed on our Fair & Flexible plan. There is no monthly commitment or subscription with this plan. As you sell (or give away) more gift cards or promotions, your per unit cost goes down! Physical gift card pricing is separate.