Q: What happens when a customer buys a Gift Card online?
A: Customers receiving the gift will get an emailed gift card or text.  The giver will receive a copy of the gift card and a receipt.  Customers with iPhones can add their gift cards to their Apple Wallet.

Q: Will I need a special device to work with GiftRocker?
A: Gift cards redeems can be performed on any smartphone or Internet browser. Creating gift cards requires an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

Q: How much does GiftRocker cost?
A: Default pricing plans are subscriptions. Gift card production is extra. Also, credit card processing is separate and you have a few options.

Q: Where will customers buy my shop’s Gift Certificates?
A: Once you sign-up for GiftRocker, you will receive a link to place on your website. You can also post the link to Twitter or Facebook. Check out how Bon Appetit’s 2014 New Restaurant of the year sells their GiftRocker gift cards, Rose’s Luxury.

Q: Can my customers schedule delivery of a gift card?
A: Yes! Your customers will be able to pick day of delivery when purchasing an online gift card.

Q: How do I integrate with my current POS?
A: GiftRocker works in parallel to your POS. You will want to create a payment or tender key for tying redeemed gift cards to customer orders. Also, for selling gift cards, you will want to create a product or SKU key for collecting money.

Q: How do I get proceeds for online sales as a GiftRocker shopkeeper?
A: Customers will use their own accounts for processing credit cards. You have a few options.

Q: Can I partially redeem a customer’s gift certificate?
A: Yes!   When you go to redeem a monetary GC (one with an amount), you’ll receive the option to set the billed amount or redeem in full.

Q: What sort of incentive can I offer customers buying gift certificates online?
A: Merchants can create a uniform reward where, for example, customers receive a $20 rewards certificate for every $100 certificate purchased.  Or, you could mix it up and offer unique rewards for different tiers: $20 for $100 purchased; brunch for two for $200 purchased; dinner for two for a $300 gift certificate. Also, for events or fixed priced dinners, you can create dollar off, percent off or BOGO promotions.

Q: What is the difference between an eGift Card and a gift certificate?
A: Nothing.  eGift Card is a term used to help people transition from plastic cards to digital gifts.  Your children will most likely never own a plastic gift card.

Q: What is the difference between selling effective dates and offering effective dates?
A: Selling effective dates define when an offering can be sold by a shopkeeper. Offering effective dates define when certificates are valid and when they expire.

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