General Policy

Certificates (gift cards, event tickets and pre-paid services) are issued, and all GiftRocker actions are taken, solely on behalf of the Shopkeeper shown on the branding of the Certificate or Certificate order form.  Your rights under the Certificate are rights for or against the Shopkeeper.

Certificates may be held for review.  When this happens, the certificate is typically released within a few hours.  If fraud is suspected, the certificate may be cancelled and refunded.

Refund/Exchange Policy

GiftRocker LLC sells certificates on behalf of participating shopkeepers.  Certificates that have been redeemed will not be refunded.  GiftRocker provides no warranty for a shopkeeper’s goods and services.  Please treat items purchased on the GiftRocker site as cash.  The risk of loss or theft of items sold is passed to the purchaser. A “no loss” guarantees may be provided by the Shopkeeper for misplaced, unexpired certificates if the Shopkeeper has associated the customer’s email address with the certificate at point of sale. Please contact Shopkeeper for a copy of your certificate.

Certificate Cancellation Policy

Certificate delivery is immediate once your credit card is charged.   On behalf of the Shopkeeper, GiftRocker will cancel and refund any unredeemed certificate if notified within 24 hours of purchase, unless a refund policy is provided within the Shopkeeper’s offering specifying unique terms. Event sales are final if the ticket is sold within 24 hours of the event.   All cancellation requests must be submitted via our customer contact form and include the following information from your purchase in the form: first name, last name, transaction number/authorization code supplied in your receipt and phone number so that we may contact you if we have questions in regard to your order.

The cancellation of your Certificate and refund of your order, typically processed within 24 hours, again provided that the certificate has not already been redeemed and that the Shopkeeper did not specify unique refund terms.

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