GiftRocker is perfect for any small to medium sized shopkeeper. It doesn’t matter what you sell. We support Auto Shops, Bakeries, Boutiques, Restaurants and Salons. With GiftRocker, shopkeepers can define their own loyalty program to rival those of retail giants with no up-front cost.  

Here are some things you can do with GiftRocker:

Gift Cards Create monetary or merchandise gift cards for a fraction of the cost of traditional plastic gift cards.  Sell them online or in store.  Fulfillment of online gift cards is email or text and can be added to Passbook, a digital wallet invented by Apple and used on Android.   Either way, your customers will appreciate the versatility of GiftRocker and not having to carry a pocket full of plastic.

Events Create and sell events online or in store as you would any GiftRocker gift certificate.   Control the number attendees automatically.  Once sold out, all selling sources (online or in store) will stop registration.  Customers will receive reminder emails before the event and your shop will optionally receive an event registry the day of the event.  Since redemption is the same as with gift certificates, there is no need for new operational procedures with GiftRocker events.

Promotions Tailor your promotions to reward loyal customers and drive business to slow days.  GiftRocker promotions are completely customizable, easy to set up and easy to track to redemption.  Create them for merchandise or simple percent-off coupons. Make them effective all the time, tomorrow, on a specific day of the week or weekdays. Merchandise promotions can be set with inventory limits.

Employee / Investor Cards As a benefit to employees or investors, create gift cards that auto recharge on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.


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