Redeem a certificate

There are a number of ways to redeem a GiftRocker certificate. If you are planning to redeem and issue gift certificates, the GiftRocker Shopkeeper iPhone/iPad app is recommended. If you have an Android, Nokia or BlackBerry, a generic QRCode scanner is recommended. These days, scanners are built into most smartphone cameras.  If you do not have a smartphone, redeem on

You will want to add a tender key for gift cards to your POS allowing you to attribute redeemed gift cards to customer checks.


  • Redeem at table.  Do not carry away customer phone as you would a credit card.  Customers do not like this!
  • If you do not want to redeem at the table and your customer has the gift card on a phone, write down the gift card reference and take it away for redemption.
  • The default camera for an iPad is in the front.  If you are using an iPad, it is easier to set it on a table to scan.  If you are using an iPhone where the default camera is in the back, it is easier to hold the iPhone to scan.
  • If the camera is not focusing, move it slowly away from the QRCode and then slowly back towards the QRCode. Best results are found at 6 to 8 inches.
  • Troubleshooting provides some reasons and solutions why you may be having trouble with the scan.


iPhone people – download the GiftRocker Shopkeeper App

Android fans – download the almost any QRCode Scanner or use the camera on your phone.

If you have any issues or suggestions, please contact

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