GiftRocker Completes First Full Year

GiftRocker just completed its first full year in operation and is having fun dissecting the numbers. Within these numbers you may find a few trends to help you plan for 2013. For example, fine dining shops sell most of their gift certificates online while counter service shops sell most of theirs as gift cards in-store. We were also pleased to see the increase in same store sales over last year. This shows that the convenience of digital gifting is coming into its own.

Lastly, we were surprised to see that event pre-selling made up such a large percent of our shopkeeper’s overall sales. The operational efficiency of pre-selling events and convenience for customers is compelling!

Enjoy the stats and let us know if there is a different angle or slice you’d like to see.

  • 42% is the average per store increase in gift certificate sales comparing December 2011 and December 2012
  • 29% GiftRocker’s order pages averaged a 29% conversion rate during Q2 2012 beating the national average of 2.5%
  • 350% percent increase in funds GiftRocker sent to its shopkeepers during December 2012 vs. December 2011
  • 33% December’s percentage of yearly sales
  • 67% non-December sales. Gifting occasions included birthdays, graduations, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and everyday Thank You’s
  • $67 average gift certificate / gift card value over all shopkeepers
  • $93 average gift certificate / gift card value for fine dining restaurants
  • 66% percent of gift certificates sold online (vs. 34% gift cards sold in-store) for fine dining restaurants selling GiftRocker gift cards
  • 82% percent of gift cards sold in-store (vs. 18% gift certificates sold on-line) for counter customers selling GiftRocker gift cards
  • 36% percent of GiftRocker customers also sell GiftRocker gift cards more >>
  • 17% percent of GiftRocker sales that were events or cooking classes
  • 100%percent of top, top grossing shops have more than 2000 Likes
  • 80% percent of top grossing shops have more than 900 Facebook Likes. ┬áThe top grossing shops with less than 900 Likes were new except one
  • 20%the only top grossing shop with less than 900 Facebook Likes offered its customers a 20% reward promotion
  • Coffee average gift value for Coffee Shops was greater than Sweet Shops
  • Beer average gift value for Breweries was greater than Coffee shops
  • Tea! average gift value for Tea Shops was greater than Breweries!!!

About GiftRocker

GiftRocker is revolutionizing gifting for small to medium sized shopkeepers. With the GiftRocker service, businesses can sell gift certificates or just about anything from their website, on Facebook or from their iPhone. For more information, visit or call 1-855-516-7750.

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