Holiday Stats For Online Gift Certificate Sales

Arlington, Virginia – According to US News and World Report, holiday sales account for 40% of yearly retail revenue. This got us thinking at GiftRocker about whether online gift certificate sales followed similar trends. Although we haven’t been in business a full year, we were able to extrapolate a few months using averages of non holiday months. Here’s what we calculated:

  • Holiday online gift certificate sales accounted for 39.95% of yearly online gift certificate sales
  • The redemption gap for gift certificates is on average 58 days
  • Breakage was not included in these figures (average redemption gap is underreported)

In short, online gift certificate holiday sales closely matches retail statistics. However, unlike the retail holiday bump, gift certificate service redemption is pushed out of the busy season into the slower months of the new year.

What this means is that if you are considering selling gift certificates online, it is worth your while to roll out your program before the holidays.

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