Settlement Options

GiftRocker has a number of ways to get funds into your bank account from your online and mobile sales:

ACH Direct

  • Funds are processed by GiftRocker and deposited via ACH within about 7 days
  • Event settlement follows event date
  • Cost is 3% of sales + .25/item

  • Funds sent daily from Stripe to your bank account with a few day lag
  • No minimum or monthly fee from Stripe. See Stripe for current fees.
  • Sign up on

  • Use to interface with your current CC provider
  • Receive negotiated rates from your processor and pay’s gateway monthly and per item fees
  • Recommended if you anticipate > $3000 / month in sales
  • Sign up on after making sure your credit card processor works with

Heartland Payment Systems

  • Use Heartland’s Gateway (a $15/month fee)
  • Receive negotiated e-commerce rates
  • Recommended if you anticipate > $3000 / month in online sales and use Heartland today
  • Contact GiftRocker for sign-up

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