Redeem Troubleshooting

There are a number of reasons for a bad scan. If you are trying to scan an email that has been through the wash, the QRCode may be illegible. Or, you could have a problem on your phone if you dropped it or have too much dust on your lens.

  • Problem scanning the customer’s QRCode on an email?
    Answer: Redeem the certificate on
  • Problem scanning the customer’s QRCode on a customer’s iPhone?
    Answer: Redeem using the customer’s iPhone.
  • QRCode too small on a customer’s phone?
    Answer: Tap on the QRCode to enlarge or expand using thumb and forefinger
  • A light source is casting a dark shadow across the QRCode?
    Answer: Hold the customer’s QRCode further away from your body. Usually, the shadow is your own! Or, move to a brighter part of the store.

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