Promos & campaigns

Create promotions that incentivize customers on your schedule. GiftRocker capabilities include percent discounts, dollar discounts and tiered incentives. Here are a few examples of how our Shopkeepers have used the platform:

  • $40 reward with every $100 gift card purchase on Cyber Monday
  • $20 reward with every $100 gift card purchase during December
  • $10 off an event for everyone in your group
  • 15% off an event valid up to 1 week before the event

Run campaigns with 100% control of timing, discount & revenue. Ease of use allows you to target small audiences. Ease of operations allows you to “fish with a net” on the greater Internet. Check out some examples:

Tony and Joe's promotion
Tony and Joe’s Seafood Place uses calamari as bait when fishing for customers.

It only took Chef Tony a minute to create a very targeted promotion and email it to the office manager
It only took a minute for Chef Tony to create a very targeted promotion.

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