Customers send gifts as texts or email. Recipients use their digital wallet to manage gift cards, event tickets and promotions. As with everything GiftRocker offers, Shopkeepers are in complete control of their brand.

Shopkeepers get to have as well. From our GiftRocker Shopkeeper iPhone or iPad app, you will be able to sell gift cards or event tickets and issue promotions or comped offerings tableside or on the go.

Email or Text Gift Cards

Customers of Tony and Joe’s send each other gift cards on email or text.

Check out how nice GiftRocker Shopkeeper brands appear in their customer’s Passbook digital wallets:


Liberty Tavern showing off it’s classic architecture

Lost Dog Digital VIP Card

Lost Dog Cafe brand represents their howling good pizza and subs

Your customers will not be the only ones having fun with their phones. For Shopkeepers, texting gift cards is easy, convenient and appreciated.

Shopkeeper App

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