Monetize your mailing lists and social network selling fixed price items from your website, Facebook or Twitter. Creative pricing and packaging drives customers into your store during slow times.

Here are a few examples of fixed price offerings from some of our creative Shopkeepers:

Chef Tonys Chef Tony Marciante captures the essence of Summer marketing live Maine lobster dinners to his customers during July and August. Tony also sells “date night” prix fixe dinners for two or four periodically throughout the year.
Dino's Grotto in Shaw Dean Gold of Dino’s In Shaw offers his customers the romance of Tuscany portrayed through Italy’s best wines served in flights ranging from Brunello Di Montalcino Reserva through Rosso Di Montalcino.
Chef Ris Lacoste offers her customers a comfort food package called Soups & Scoops comprised of a quart of soup and quart of ice cream. Mmmmm.

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