Pineapple and Pearl Terms

Reservations are available Monday mornings at 10:00 a.m., 4 weeks prior to the reservation date.

Fifty percent of the total cost of your dining experience (including drink pairings, tax and gratuity) will be charged at the time you make the reservation. The remaining fifty percent will be charged one day before your reservation.  Your credit card will be charged upon hitting “Book” on your reservation page.

Five days (120 hours) you will receive a full refund.
Three days (72 hours) you will forfeit half of your deposit.
One day (24 hours) you will forfeit your entire deposit.
Day of cancellations, we retain the entire amount.

If you need to reduce the number of guests in your party please be aware that we will retain the deposit for the original number of guests.

Day of reservations are charged in full at the time you make the reservation.Credit cards are encrypted and stored on a level 1 processor’s facility (bank level security).  GiftRocker’s servers work with tokens which are references to credit cards.  Customer’s credit cards do not reach our servers for Internet transactions keeping your card numbers safe.

We will never share customer information.

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