Administrators can refund or partial refund transactions on

  1. On, find the transaction.  Once signing in, you will be on the “Find” page.  If you are already signed in, click Reporting / Find.
  2. Enter the certificate (gift card / ticket / order) using the transaction reference or customer’s email.  Alternatively, if the certificate was just issued, click Reporting / Issued Certificates and Create Report.  Click on the certificate and you will see the certificate detail page.
  3. On the certificate detail page, about half way down the page, you will see a bunch of blue buttons. There should be one for refunds and partial refunds. Note: adding a message in the adjoining box is required! For example, “customer request” or “event cancelled”.
  4. Make sure to relay to your customer that refunds can take up to a week to process. This is an industry thing… we cannot speed up.

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