Redeem do overs

If you incorrectly redeemed a gift card, don’t worry, you can have a mulligan (aka do over)!

  1. On, find the transaction.  Once signing in, you will be on the “Find” page.  If you are already signed in, click Reporting / Find.
  2. Enter the card reference or customer’s email.  Alternatively, if the gift card was just redeemed, click Reporting / Redeemed Certificates and Create Report.  Click on the gift card and you will see the certificate detail page.
  3. On the certificate detail page, at the bottom will be the transaction history.  Within the transaction history, the most recent redeem will have an [undo] on the right side of the page.  Click this and the redeem will be erased.
  4. The certificate detail page also has Redeem button allowing you to redeem the correct amount.

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