How to create a comp card

Shopkeepers can create comp cards on and on the GiftRocker iPhone/iPad Shopkeeper App.

  1. After signing onto, click Gift Card / Create Gift Card
  2. Select type of offering* and select how many individual certificates you need. If you need 5 unique certificate, select 5.  If you need only 1 certificate, select 1.   BTW a gift card is a “certificate”.
  3. Enter email or phone number and amount.  Optionally enter name and a customer note.
  4. Click “Create Certificate” and the gift card will be sent.  If you are printing the gift card for a customer, you may want to enter your email (leave name blank).  Once you create the certificate, you will have the option to click on a PDF copy.   This can be printed and presented or attached to a personal email.

GiftRocker iOS App

  1. After signing onto to the App, click Email Or Text
  2. Select type of offering* and click next
  3. Select amount and click next
  4. Enter email or phone number and click next
  5. Optionally enter customer message and click next
  6. Click “Place Order” and the gift card will be sent

* Shopkeepers start with three offerings for three purposes:

  • Gift Cards are good forever.  This is the offering that will be sold from your website.
  • Be Our Guests are good for 1 year.  It is recommended that you give Be Our Guests to customers for repair or a quick thank you.  The 1 year effective period can be updated on under Offerings.  The shorter effective period will be easier on your balance sheet than gift cards that are good forever.
  • Donations are good for 2 years and will help you organize your community giving.  You will be asked to enter the benefiting organization when creating a donation.

Shopkeepers may create unique offerings.  For example, a VIP Card could be created for owners, dignitaries or employees.  Fixed priced offerings are also available allowing you to comp prix fixe dinners or brunch for 2.  To create a new offering, click the green “+” within the offerings tab.


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