Gift Card Design

Gift card design needs to include front and back 300dpi images. We do have flexibility with shape.  Standard cards can take business card dimensions 2” x 3.5” (horizontal or portrait), credit card dimensions 2.125″ x 3.370″ or 3” square.  Non standard cards can be any shape. We recently delivered a design in the shape of a pine tree. So, if you wanted your gift cards to be in the shape of a circle or wine bottle, we could do that!

Keep in mind… custom sizes may require a custom dye which could cost a few $100. Our standard sizes are available on 16pt paper for $145 for 500 gift cards. We can produce coaster thickness cards as well $175 for 250. This opens up the possibility of using a circular or square gift card as a coaster after it is redeemed.

  • Gift card designs should bleed to the edge of the image and should allow a 2% variation past the desired size on all sides for the cut. This means that you should avoid boxes that require exact cuts near edges.
  • Your cards will be cornered unless you request square edges. Please have the design bleed to the corners as well.
  • Make room for a qrcode as in the examples.
  • Light colored gift cards look better than dark designs.
  • Designs can be delivered in InDesign, Illustrator or even JPG / PNG formats
  • It is recommended that you include text like this on the back:
    “Your gift card is redeemable for food and services at XXX in XXX, XX.
    It has no cash value unless required by law. Gift card provided by GiftRocker, LLC.”

Gift card examples

Presenters & Envelopes

Presenters can be any size, but should match standard envelopes to keep cost reasonable for your complete gift package. Two standard presenters that can be produced at .40/item, include cuts where the gift cards are held in place.

These presenters can be either 4.5 x 6 or 4.75 x 6.5.  These can be self designed following this presenter template.

Or, gift cards can be held to presenters using glue dots giving you more freedom in design. See attached package design for sauvage for inspiration.

Glue dots can be used as an option instead of slits in the presenters to hold the card.  This allows full view of the card which may be desirable.  Here’s where you can find glue dots on Michael’s Website.

Quality standard envelopes in most colors can be found on:

Design Process

Shopkeepers have options creating their gift card designs.  GiftRocker will create a basic design for free after receiving a hi-res logo.  This does not include presenter design.  Shopkeepers can also take the above specs and create their own design with their favorite designer.  GiftRocker will also pair you with a designer for a custom design.  This process starts at $75.  Check out this example of a nice gift card package from T R I B O R O Design.


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