DIY Custom Promotion

Custom promotions will help you turn interactions with community organizations into marketing opportunities. These interactions usually start with a simple ask from an organization representative for an in-kind gift card. After satisfying this request, ask if you could send a message to the membership in their next newsletter.  Here is an example  using “Save the Manatee” as an example:

Create a promotion where you will donate 20% of gift card sales from their organization during a certain time period. Since November is Manatee awareness month(really… it is), we will use that as an example:

  • Create a new Promotion by clicking the Promos tab and the green “+” on the right side of the page.
  • Name the promotion something easy… like “Save The Manatees
  • Make it a Tracking promotion.  Tracking promotions do not discount, they only track usage.  You can also make this a 10% off promotion to further entice/reward the group.  In either case, you can find the total gift cards sold using this promotion.
  • Set your target offering to Gift Card.
  • Create your custom promo code, “manatee” in this case
  • Set effective dates as needed, save and your promo code will be available on your gift card order form.
  • Give your gift card link or website link along with the promo code to the organization with a recommended lead-in.  You will be able to measure your success using Reporting / Issued and selecting that promo code over the effective dates.



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