Ad hoc charges

For fixed priced offerings, event and menus/ordering, you have the option to capture the customer’s credit card for additional, ad hoc charges. This is great for add-on orders or clubs with monthly charges. To use ad hoc charges, the original offering needs to be updated; offerings for the extra charges themselves need to be created; lastly, when needed, the charges need to be applied to the customer’s card on file.

offering settings

To capture the customer’s credit card on an event, menu/order or fixed priced offering, click capture credit card on the offering under dates and availability.

ad hoc charge offerings

Add one or more “Experience / Fixed Price” offering to be used for ad hoc charges. Example offerings include: order add-on and monthly subscription. For these charges, the following offering settings are recommended.

create an ad hoc charge

Once you have captured a credit card, you will see a new section on the transaction detail page. Creating the ad hoc charge involves selecting the offering, setting an amount, optionally adding a message and clicking ad hoc charge. Although the message is optional, it can help add details to a more general offering. Tax will not be added to the charge. If tax is required, pre-calculate and include as part of total.

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