Gift card ordering

Before ordering gift cards, the shopkeeper must be set up within the GiftRocker platform. If you have an interested shopkeeper, send the following to owner’s full name, phone and the URL for the company. Please include the owner (or primary contact) on the email. Shopkeeper setup takes 1 business day if the customer is decisive.

Once the shopkeeper is setup on the GiftRocker platform:

A) Does Sir Speedy have an available designer?

GiftRocker sends email to Sir Speedy originating customer and inquires whether a designer is available to work on the new Shopkeeper’s gift cards.

B) SirSpeedy confirms designer

B.1) Confirm – a designer is available
B.2) Decline (no worries here, we’ll find a designer and still give SS the print business and client contact for future projects)

—- If B.1) —-

C) SirSpeedy contacts shopkeeper

Sir Speedy designer contacts their new client SAME DAY.   Within the email, include the following information:

  • introduce yourself as the gift card designer (give name, phone number)
  • ask for high resolution art (be proactive and get everything you need in one ask, see side note)
  • ask whether client is looking for a basic card that follows website theme or something unique
  • as a basic example, you could send Rico’s:
  • ask whether client wants 250, 500 or a higher count of cards
  • provide pricing.  suggested pricing:

    Design can cost range from $50-100.
    Gift Cards:
      – 250 for 72.10 or .29 per card
      – 500 for 101.00 or .20 per card
    Setup: $30 – $45

  • ask for delivery address (if you grab from website, you could just confirm)
  • provide timeframe for delivery (i.e. design – 1 day; print – 2 days; ship 2 days)

** side note – take a look at the shopkeeper’s website for design ideas **
I like Google Chrome’s “inspect element” to capture artwork. As an example, Port City Brewing has multiple layers of design: logo where you will need high res version: and a background color #F8F6E8 and a nice layer providing texture:
** end side note **

D) GiftRocker sends QRCodes to SirSpeedy

Once the new shopkeeper has indicated how many gift cards are needed, contact with a request for unique QRCodes. You will receive a zip file of QRCode images and an index file.

If GiftRocker is fulfilling the design, the gift card artwork will be sent along with the QRCodes.

E) Sir Speedy fulfills gift cards: merge, print, send and bill!

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