There are a variety of offering types, e.g. gift certificates, merchandise certificates, events, prepaid packs and coupons.   Each type of offering has different sets of applicable attributes.  For example, merchandise certificates, events and prepaid packs all have “amounts”.  But, only prepaid packs have “units”.  Also, gift certificate offerings do not have amounts.  For these, amount is set at time of purchase.


  • id – integer identifier for offering
  • name – name of offering
  • offering_type
    • A – gift certificate
    • F – rewards certificate
    • M – merchandise
    • T – event
    • N – prepaid pack
    • C – coupon % off
    • D – coupon amount off
    • V – buy one get one
  • offering_type_txt – description of offering type,  e.g. “Gift Certificate”
  • description – detailed description of offering
  • offering_availability_type
    • N – always available
    • D – good Monday through Friday
    • E – good Tuesday through Friday
    • F – good Sunday through Thursday
    • 1-7 – 1=good Mon, 2=good Tue…
  • inventory – available items for sale.  used for merchandise and event offerings.  if 0 (zero), there is no limit on inventory
  • shareable_type – Y/N designates offering as a promotion (free)
  • amount – list price for merchandise, events and prepaid packs
  • amount_max – maximum value for gift certificates
  • percentage – discount for coupons
  • offering_valid_dates_txt – text description of offering effective dates
  • offering_status_txt – text description of whether offering is valid today
  • offering_status_ind – boolean (Y/N) indicator for whether offering is valid at current moment
  • description – detailed description of offering
  • units_ind – Y/N for merchandise, can customers buy more than one
  • units_display – if units_ind = Y, what are units called?  e.g. dozen, beers, cupcakes…
  • units_max – if units_ind = Y, what is the maximum number of units a customer can buy at one time
  • charity_ind – Y/N is this offering targeted for a charity?


"name":"Jose Cuervo Shot",
"offering_type_txt":"Gift Certificate",
"offering_valid_dates_txt":"Good thru Feb 23, 2015",
"offering_status_txt":"** in play today **",
"description":"Jose Cuervo - you are a friend of mine.
 Available to those 21 and up!  No cash value.",

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