Get Shop Offerings

Offerings for Shop retrieves all offerings from the shop (company) designated in the service.  This service requires a POST using JSON for both the request parameters and results.




Request Parameters

  • company – required – an integer identifier for a shop.  If the partner is the shopkeeper, this will be static.  The identifier could also be received via shops for location service.
  • partner – required – partner hash generated by GiftRocker during services registration.
  • password – required – partner password created during services registration.
  • version – required – version of service requested.


  • name – name of service: GetShopOfferings
  • status – result outcome from the service with possible values: GOOD, ERROR or INFORMATION.
  • detail – if status is ERROR or INFORMATIONAL, detail contains further information.
  • payload – JSON object containing the response if the service call was successful.

Payload details

  • company – JSON object holding shop name, address, descriptions and graphic images.  More…
  • offerings – JSON object holding an array of offerings. More…



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