Kid Shelleen's NFL 2022

Kid Shelleen's NFL 2022

Join us for the 2022 NFL this season and earn gift cards at the end of the season!

Bring your loyalty card in during any game during the week and add points to your total! When paying your bill, be sure to remind your server/bartender that you are a member so that you will receive credit for your visit.

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** Participants are responsible for check-in! **

1. Scans given during any NFL games during the regular season only.
2. No scans awarded for prior game visits
3. Earn $15 for each $100 spent, up to $150 back.
4. Reward certificate will be emailed at the end of the regular season.
5. Program not valid at Kid Shelleen's Branmar
6. Reward certificate not valid at Harry's Savoy Grill or Kid Shelleen's Branmar.