Celebrate New Year's With The Rest Of The World!
Hey Neighbors,

In typical Compass Rose fashion, we will be taking you around the globe, without the jet lag. Our menu will focus on different parts of the world that are ringing in the new year (Don't worry, Khachapuri will always be available).

The first seating in our dining room will be available for $75. We will be toasting the New Year along with Portugal, England, and Iceland. The second seating will be available for $100, and we will be toasting the New Year along with Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, and the United States. The second seating guarantees entrance to our Latin dance party.

One ticket entitles each person to these travel-inspired dishes, as well as toasting libations. Ticket prices exclude tax, gratuity, and any additional drinks.

Bedouin Tent:
Additionally, the Bedouin Tent will be available for groups of 6-8 people for $135 per person. The Bedouin Tent tickets include drink pairings but do not include tax and gratuity.

Here are the details:
When you reserve your table, please reserve the appropriate number of tickets for your entire party. You will be charged for each ticket you purchase, which covers dinner and toasting libations. Your final bill at the restaurant will only have tax, gratuity, and any additional alcohol. If you decide to go elsewhere, you have three days to cancel ahead of the event with a full refund.

We're counting down the minutes already! Hope to see you there.

Compass Rose

This event is history!


Please notify me when reservations become available.