Educators Eat
Covid has been tough on pretty much everybody. Some more than others, but our compassion goes out to all, especially those who endured through a year of online distance learning. As things begin to open up and case numbers go down, we wanted to take some time and reward some of those who often go rewardless, teachers and school staff.

When our daughter went back to school in late March, we thought it would be a nice gesture to welcome back the staff at her school with a BBQ lunch. The feedback blew our minds. We received many text messages, emails, cards, social media posts expressing gratitude for the meal. The school staff told us what a morale boost it was to have someone show some love. So we got to thinking….. Could we feed every teacher and all the support staff in Arlington County schools by the end of the year? We think we can, but we need your help.

We are partnering with Arlington Public Schools to complete this mission. You have supported us through the most challenging times these last 14 months, thank you, but now we are asking for your help once again. We cannot foot the bill alone to provide over 1000 meals. We'll cover 40% of the cost, but we need your support for the rest. With your donations, we can feed all the teachers and school staff in Arlington County by the end of the school year.

A $10 donation buys one lunch or two breakfasts. A $20 donation will but 4 breakfasts or 2 lunches and a $100 donation will buy 20 breakfasts or 10 lunches. Thank you for your donation and thank you so much for your continued support.

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