Wine Classes
Thursday, July 25, 2019  6:00 PM
Take your wine knowledge to the next level in 2019. You don’t have to know about wine to enjoy it, however a little wine knowledge can go a long way. Our sommelier, Kyle Marston, will teach you the basics and build from there through six classes to a master level class. Each session will include tastings of several wines to illustrate a variety of concepts. Enroll in one, some, or all six classes.

#1 Wine 101 - January 31

#2 Exploring Red Wines - March 28
- main styles of red wines
- important red grapes
- wine growing regions

#3 Exploring White & Rosé Wines - May 30
- main styles of white and rosé wines
- important white grapes
- wine growing regions

#4 The Right Glassware - July 25
- Grape varietal specific stemware
- Experience how the bowl of the glass can impact the taste of a wine

#5 Pairings - September 26
- pairing wines with different foods
- an autumn feast of all things delicious

#6 Master Level Tasting - November 21
- blind tasting
- comparing wines at different price points
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