April 2014 Outage

Dear GiftRocker Customers,

We very much value your business and appreciate your trust in our ability to support your operations.   The outage this last week was unacceptable from our perspective and does not reflect the type of company we aspire to become.  The root cause of the outage was a network issue within the datacenter where GiftRocker is hosted.

During the downtime, we searched for a hosting provider with a world class reputation for uptime, speed, resilience and growth.  We have already started making plans for a move and will notify you before and after this is complete.  We will be engaging a professional company to eliminate or minimize any operational impact of the migration itself.

We see an exciting future ahead rolling out capabilities for you to interact with your customers in new, constructive ways both online and mobile.   This future cannot be made possible without a reliable platform.  We will make every effort to achieve both goals.

Again, we apologize for the disruption of service.



During an outage, it is recommended that you write down reference numbers and redeem later on your apps or GiftRocker.com.  The first page you see when logging in allows you to find and then redeem a gift certificate given a reference.

If you would like to see gift cards that were recently issued, select Reporting and Issued on your iPhone app.  Selecting a transaction, you will be able to resend the certificate, resend the receipt and initialize a new gift card.

If you have gift cards that do not have reference numbers (our first version), please contact alex@giftrocker.com to order a new set at a discount.

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